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Open to TRADE Professionals | Registration Required
Free Admission to All Programming | Space is Limited


Thursday, March 9, 2017

CEU Seminars

Design Using Color Theory, Textiles & Light to Create Healthful Lifestyle Settings

Lloyd Flanders, Inc. | Suite 1473
10 AM - 11 AM

Marcia Blake, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics / Sunbrella, Merchandise Manager

Designing healthy spaces using colorful textiles. This course will discuss how hue, chroma, value, saturation, tones, tints and shades affect the way we perceive colors. We’ll discuss how to create effective color palettes utilizing textiles for healthy lifestyle settings indoor and out. Participants will gain knowledge and understanding of the benefits of integrating color and light in the selection and specification of performance fabrics in lifestyle designs for personal health and well-being.  

Master Class: Performance Materials

15th Floor | Design Center
3 PM - 4 PM

Waynette Goodson, Casual Living magazine, Editor-in-Chief

Reticulated foam. Extruded aluminum. Marine-grade polymer. Navigating the outdoor furniture category is a bit like a science experiment. It’s important for designers to understand all the new technologies that allow casual furnishings to stand up to the rigors of Mother Nature. Becoming knowledgeable about performance materials will allow designers to understand the value of these expensive pieces and how to convey that value to clients. The Master Class presentation will explore four key categories: plastics (marine grade polymer and recycled plastic lumber), wicker (synthetic versus natural), alternative woods (beyond teak) and aluminum (cast, extruded and tubular). Why are outdoor furnishings made of these materials, and how do you maintain them?

Technology for Outdoor Spaces

TUUCI | Suite 1507
4 PM - 5 PM

Ken Walker, Artisan Electronics Group, Founder/President

Today's homes have technology everywhere…inside and out! This market has grown beyond simple audio and video options. This course will provide design and build partners with a familiarity with outdoor technology options and how the environment influences outdoor technology choices. Real world examples will be provided throughout the course to ensure attendees understand how these principles are relevant to any project that includes an outdoor component.

Featured Presentations

Outdoor Amenity Spaces

Mallin Casual Furniture | Suite 1525
12 PM - 1 PM

Brad Swanson, Unilock, Commercial Product Representative ASLA, CSI, CDT, LEED®AP-

Over the last few decades outdoor spaces have transformed with the architecture and demand from the users. No longer is the roof used only for utilities. In recent years there is a resurgence for buildings to have a comprehensive activity area and social space. More than a luxury item, these outdoor space are a highly desired amenity and way of life. With this transformation, newer and modern aesthetically pleasing materials are being selected to create amazing Outdoor Amenity Spaces. With new products and systems being installed to activate these once underused spaces. Attendees will have a better understand of more options than ever before including modern concrete slabs, pedestal rated natural stone slabs and porcelain tile. Technical concerns with durability will be addressed along with an in-depth look at the customization process for concrete products. The connection between the roof and site paving will be examined and the options available for creating an inclusive design. Each attendee will receive AIA and LACES certification.

Stephen Burks Man Made

DEDON, Inc. | Suite 1450
2 PM - 3 PM

Stephen Burks, DEDON Design Partner

Please join us as we welcome acclaimed, award winning DEDON design partner Stephen Burks into our showroom, Suite 1450, from 2-3p. Stephen's presentation will showcase his design methodology, process, and partnerships through his inspiring career.