Contracts 2.0 Webinar: WATCH NOW

Did you miss McKenna Prohov’s informative talk? Watch Now. 

Protect your time and maximize fees by learning what goes into an effective client contract. McKenna Prohov will expand upon her popular 2019 lecture, and talk about the importance of contracts, agreements and proposals specific to the design industry. From employment agreements, leasing agreements, trademark protection or payment collection, become informed of the risks and rewards of each contract you use, and pave the way for growth and profit.

About the speaker:
McKenna Prohov is the principal attorney and founder of law X design, providing legal and business services to design and creative professionals. She is an ASID Industry Member Partner, and a member of ChiWIP, a group that aims to create a place for people who share a common interest in the advancement of women within the field of intellectual property. For two years, she served as a board member to the local Performance Art Theater Stage 773, and has provided pro bono legal services to both commercial and independent start-up designers.

Holly LlewellynContracts 2.0 Webinar: WATCH NOW
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BUSINESS OF HOME: Luxury furniture manufacturer A. Rudin has relocated to Suite 1416 at the Design Center at the Mart in Chicago

Luxury furniture manufacturer A. Rudin has relocated to Suite 1416 at the Design Center at the Mart in Chicago. The new 14th-floor showroom takes on the layout of a gallery, paring back the decorative elements for a streamlined space that displays its furniture lines like pieces of fine art. Click Here to Read Full Article. 

Holly LlewellynBUSINESS OF HOME: Luxury furniture manufacturer A. Rudin has relocated to Suite 1416 at the Design Center at the Mart in Chicago
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A. Rudin Makes Move at Design Center at theMART

Chicago, IL (November 17, 2020) –Design Center at theMART is pleased to announce that A. Rudin has relocated to a new showroom at theMART. The newly designed space replicates the feel of a Gallery, where the company’s fine furniture is the art. By aesthetically keeping tones of the space crisp and clean, the company plans for each piece of furniture, lighting and accessory to be appreciated for its own individual beauty while feeding the synergy of the space and creating a Zen and positive experience for visitors and clients. The new A. Rudin showroom is located at 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 6-149.

“The Merchandise MART is the absolute epicenter of the high-end furniture market in Chicago. It is the cornerstone of luxury and beauty for the design industry and we could not imagine having our showroom anywhere else in Chicago,” said Spencer Rudin, who, along with his brother, Evan, are the fourth generation to run the company. ‘Our loyalty to the design trade has been the longstanding core of our business. We’re blessed to have the opportunity to work with the biggest and brightest design talents in the world and realize their dreams in a tangible form. The mutual trust and loyalty that we have with our design trade clients has manifested lifelong work partnerships and deep friendships and continues to make work inspiring and fun.”

Rudin is a 4th generation American family business whose manufacturing and operations have been centralized in Los Angeles since 1912 and have serviced the entire world ever since then. Being purveyors of handmade quality furniture and timeless designs that transcend trend is key to the company ethos.

“We cannot wait for interior designers to experience A. Rudin’s new showroom and benefit from their full range of designs, products and superior service,” said Beth Hicks, Managing Director, Marketing for Design Center and Casual Market Chicago.

Conversation with Spencer Rudin – in his own words:

For the design of their new space at theMART, the company chose to enlist Vanderbyl Design. We have an incredibly tight relationship with Michael and his team and at this point they truly feel like family, They understand the history of A. Rudin and have worked with us hand in hand to craft the story of our evolution both graphically and in our physical showrooms.

What designs/products will we see at the new A. Rudin? Like most business we are a sum of our whole. At A. Rudin we both manufacture benchmade luxury furniture and represent other manufacturing talents from around the world. We’re incredibly excited to release new in-house upholstery designs and showcase new introductions from our internationally represented talents. Our A. Rudin upholstery is still benchmade in the same fashion of manufacturing that was practiced when we launched our business in 1912. Each piece is meticulously manufactured with no detail overlooked, the hearts and souls of our artisans find their way into the production of every piece of furniture, making them all truly unique.

What should visitors expect at the new A. Rudin showroom? Whether a loyal client or a first-time visitor everybody can expect to be met with a smile and an incredibly knowledgeable and reliable member of the sales team. We believe that once somebody walks through the door, they’ll be inspired by the world we’ve created in our space and charged with their own creativity to curate beautiful designs for their homes. Our goal is to foster creativity in our design community and offer the ultimate resource for designers to create the furniture of their dreams for their clients or themselves. Our new space is, clean, timeless, Zen, happy, and a breath of fresh air.

Are there product launches coming soon? At A. Rudin we’re constantly evolving our product offerings and business practices. With the launch of our new showroom at the Merchandise Mart we will be releasing a new label under the A. Rudin brand aptly named Evan Spencer*. This collection will offer a lower price point product with immense value and streamlined production times as well as integrated fabric. Evan Spencer will open new markets to the Rudin family’s product lines and help expand and evolve the ever-growing design industry.

*Inspiration behind the new collection: Brothers Evan and Spencer Rudin have used as their muse the heritage-brand ethos that raised them, the artists who inspire them, and the surfing lifestyle that has shaped who they are today to put forth a spirited collection of lounge furniture—Evan Spencer—that is as richly textured as the California coastline.

About the Design Center at The Merchandise Mart (theMART)

The Design Center, located in Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart, is home to four floors constituting the world’s largest and finest design center. As a leader in the $65 billion residential home furnishings market, the Design Center offers the largest presentation of high-end, customizable, residential and outdoor home furnishings worldwide, all under one roof. Encompassing 750,000 square feet, boasting more than 125 showrooms and featuring more than 2,500 product lines, it is the ultimate resource for designers and design enthusiasts of luxury furniture, fabrics, floor coverings, wall coverings, lighting and much more. For more information, visit Visit Design Center on Facebook and Instagram.

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Holly LlewellynA. Rudin Makes Move at Design Center at theMART
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HOUSE BEAUTIFUL: These Interior Design Showrooms Are Usually Only Open to the Trade—Here’s How You Can Shop Them, Too

Chicago’s Merchandise Mart is a treasure trove for designers and consumers. In a city known for its architecture, Chicago’s Merchandise Mart stands out. Occupying 4 million square feet and nearly two city blocks — once the largest building in the world — the commanding Art Deco structure sits prominently on the Chicago River, making it a staple of architectural boat tours and easily recognizable to locals and tourists alike. Click Here to Read Full Article.

Holly LlewellynHOUSE BEAUTIFUL: These Interior Design Showrooms Are Usually Only Open to the Trade—Here’s How You Can Shop Them, Too
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