Better, Stronger, Faster

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Deb Barrett, Founder and Editor of Design Confidential, spoke at the first in-person Business of Design event of 2021, discussing how the impact of the pandemic will be long-term, wide-ranging, and impossible to completely predict. She covered topics including:

  • Changes in consumer behaviors
  • Changes in business processes
  • How design businesses will need to change as well in order to address new consumer needs and wants

The event provided a high-level overview of what to look for and how to adapt in what seems to be a now ever-shifting landscape. Designers will need to adjust their pre-pandemic mindset (and business) to create opportunities in a post-pandemic world and Deb supplies a host of innovations and insight into how to use this upheaval toward new opportunities in design. Better, stronger, and faster is how we’re planning to come out of the pandemic.


Barrett’s 30+ year design career has taken many paths, and her fascination with what’s around the corner has led her to her current roles as a designer, speaker, educator, trend forecaster and consultant. As a design creative, she combined her twin passions-design and soft furnishings- by founding Window Dressings, a couture window treatment and soft furnishings firm near Chicago, Illinois.

As a sought-after speaker and design educator, Deb frequently speaks on a variety of design and trend topics. As a trend strategist, Deb attends dozens of industry trade shows and design events to keep abreast of new trends and product innovations and to develop design forecasts. Deb travels the globe tracking the ever-evolving world of design and providing designers with exclusive access to some of the world’s best design destinations through her Décor Tours.

Save the date for the next Business of Design – July 28th, 2021.

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