Connect With Our Showrooms

During this time, our showrooms are offering flexible options to serve the design community and offer seamless service. Please understand this information is fluid and updates will be made as the situation progresses.

Judy Giordano
(312) 494-9300

Andrea Petray
(312) 593-4558

Georgeann Leo
(917) 543-3825

Ken Walker
(312) 925-6555

Please call or email us for service.

(312) 644-4400

Thomas Williams

Digital tearsheets and brochures available upon request. For video conferencing, contact Thomas at

(312) 527-2397

Jim Oneyear

Call or text Steve at (224) 545-2835

Steve Baumann

For paint chips, visit and click on the professionals page. To locate a retailer, visit same website. For product information call 888-236-6667. Please use our website & other social media platforms as a source of knowledge and inspiration (Check out our YouTube channel: Benjamin Moore Paints)

(312) 624-9997

Amanda Labutta

For samples, pricing, or other inquiries please reach out to We also encourage designers to register on our website for a trade account and log in to access trade pricing and place sample requests.

(312) 527-0557

Heidi Neri

Please contact us for service. Appointments are available by request.

(312) 321-0144

Caitlyn Henry

Available for virtual meetings and client presentations. 

Reach Bryon Stewart on his cell: (312) 222-0168

Bryon Stewart

Please contact via email for service at this time.

(312) 755-9163

Kyle Blevins

For full product information, please visit:

(312) 321-1300

Nancy Almason

Contact Kathleen’s cell at: (815) 712-8455

Kathleen Klein

Please call us for service at this time.      

Gillian Romano, Showroom Manager 708-790-5004;

Tanja Raya, Customer Service 312-644-3137;

Amanda Leigh, Sales 773-430-0827

Please call or email the above contacts to receive service.

(312) 644-4430

Peter Joyce

deAurora is offering e-meetings and in showroom appointments. Please visit to schedule an appointment today. We ask that all of our guests wear a mask upon their visit. If you do not have one, one will be provided.  Feel free to inquire about the safety measures in place in the showroom prior to your visit.

Visit, or call us at 312-644-4430 to schedule an appointment.

(312) 982-7555

Mia Cameli or

Virtual Meetings/ Appointments available. Samples/Fabric Swatches available for shipping direct to designer/client.

On-going Sample Sale Event: Contact Showroom Manager or Showroom directly for details.

Anne Godwin, Showroom Manager
(312) 822-0323

Vanessa Courtney, Outside Sales Representative
(312) 450-1681

Ebanista is so thrilled to welcome you into our freshly and thoroughly sanitized Chicago showroom during our normal business hours of 9am – 5pm. COVID-19 safety and social distancing protocols are being adamantly followed. Masks and hand sanitizer are provided just inside the entrance for your convenience and safety. Please be so kind as to wear a mask upon entering and we will have ours on as well. Should you prefer to schedule an appointment, or contact us remotely, please call us at 312-822-0323 or email us at Fabric, finish, and rug samples can still be sent out as needed. We’re all in this together…stay safe and well!

(312) 464-1733

John Powers

(312) 467-4433

Jane Evans

Video conferencing available by request. Register online for sampling and inventory inquiries.

(800) 999-8200

Kate Qualiardi

Please call us to receive service at this time.

(312) 464-0242

Dennis Novak

Please call us to receive service at this time.

(434) 579-2765

Ronald Steinbacher or

Monica Robertson

For sample requests:
Video chats via GoToMeeting or Facetime available by request.

(312) 644-4275

Viviana Cossio-Fanizzo

We’re back by appointment only. Please call to let us know you’re coming or call if you’re in the building and want to visit the showroom. Visit, and for product searching. 

(312) 661-1900

Victoria Lopez

Please call or email us for service at this time.

(312) 222-9320

Tammy Bergamini

Please call, email or visit our website to request samples or access our online project form for new orders here.

Call and leave a message to reach us at (312) 943-3384

Emily Ursini

To request a quote, tear sheet or PDF catalog please email:

(312) 832-1122

Brad Clarkson

Please reach out via email for quicker response.

View our vendor websites/catalogs by clicking here: 

Able to send images, tear sheets, and pricing by request. 

(312) 822-0460

Jarred Simons, Sales Manager

Visit our catalog here. Please contact Jarred Simons to set-up a virtual meeting to learn more about our collections and latest introductions.

Kathleen Mann’s cell: (312) 533-0208

Kathleen Mann

Reach out for access to our digital presentation.

To reach Yvette’s cell: (312) 661-0871

Yvette Patton

All fabrics can be view on Jensen website as well as a virtual tour of our showroom.

To learn more about our showrooms, click here. To view our brochure, click here

(312) 822-0760

Sarah Gately, Chicago Showroom Manager

Candice Patton, Sales Representative

Denise Robbins, Sales Representative

Ken Weil, Sales Representative

(312) 645-1833

Karen Howe

Call or visit our website for all your needs at this time.

(312) 527-1213

Debbie Dill

(312) 579-4479

Susan Schmidt

We kindly request that you reach out to us via email at this time:

Call Yvette’s cell at: (708) 297-5954

Yvette Patton

Special offerings during this time: Tier pricing for all order over $5K on Life Outdoor Collections.

Video chat appointments available via Google Duo at (708) 297-5954

Jerome Fitzgerald

Kravet Inc. is dedicated to making your shopping experience comfortable and safe. Please contact Jerome Fitzgerald via email at to schedule an in person or virtual appointment. All safety precautions are being taken in our showrooms and we look forward to seeing you again!

(312) 527-1638

Amy Woodley

Virtual showroom tours available here.

(312) 410-9074

Nancy Hosty

The best way to reach us at this time is at

(312) 877-5155

Michael Toutloff:

Bill Kruzel:

Our quick ship program will deliver product in less than 10 days and is included in the Spring Sale.

(312) 212-8792 x95

Susan Swanson

Check out our Dropbox,, where you have access to all product photos, swatches, postcards, installation guides, our 2020 catalog, videos and so much more! 

(312) 464-0800

Rebecca Arens

Please reach out for pricing, tearsheets, lead times, order processing, finish samples and all other inquiries.

(312) 467-9761

Bryon Stewart

Click here to take a virtual tour through the Chicago showroom.

Call Kim’s cell: (312) 218-4112

Kim Selent

Please call and leave a voicemail for prompt service at this time. 

(312) 828-9980

Alex Kromidas

Samples available upon request. The best way to reach us at this time is at

Midge Staller (Showroom Manager)
(312) 329-1775

Helen O. Rek (Outside Sales Representative)
(312) 203-6089

Customer Service
(800) 203-6089

Pindler’s Showroom & Outside Sales Representatives are observing social distancing while working remote with full access to phone, email, video conferencing, and assisting with design inquiries.

(312) 527-2995

Joanna Bajorek

Please call or email us for service at this time. 

(773) 615-6622

Donna Gabriel

(312) 644-8855

Richard Norton

Please call or email us for service at this time.

(813) 205-3715

Christi Newman

Please call or email us for service at this time.

Call Dianne at: (312) 644-9245

Dianne Brackney

Please call or email for service at this time. 

(312) 527-4650

David Trump – Schumacher

Kelly Black – PFM

(312) 379-1500

Erik Doepel

Please call or email us for service at this time. 

Reach Lisa at: (312) 307-0388

Lisa Jakubowski

Please call or email for service at this time.

Call Leila’s cell: (205) 540-3431

Leila Orcutt

Fabric swatches and finish samples are available by request. Experience a virtual showroom tour here

(626) 394-4493

Carlos Ibanez

Please contact for information, pricing or to set a private appointment.

Call Quinn’s cell at: (773) 209-4762

Quinn Costello

Please call or email for service at this time.

Call George’s cell at: 312-752-8761

George Titterton

Please call or email for service at this time.


Jason Burgess

All Thibaut account holders can use to order memo samples, check purchase price and inventory availability. 

(626) 394-4493

Carlos Ibanez

Please contact for information, pricing or to set a private appointment.

(312) 828-9980

Alex Kromidas 

Samples available by request.

(312) 337-3202

Nick LaCalamita

Please email Nick at to best reach us during this time.

Call Donna’s cell at: (312) 766-8068

Donna Johnson

Please call or email for service at this time.

Check out our showroom virtually by watching this video

(312) 410-9074

Nancy Hosty

Please reach out via email for quick response:

Call Mario’s cell at: (312) 929-2058

Mario Orsini

Garett BowhallConnect