Shop theMART with a Designer

Everyone is welcome to shop the Design Center at theMART with a professional designer by your side. If you aren’t already working with a designer, enjoy a complimentary one-hour consultation with a Design Center-affiliated interior designer, and shop the finest custom indoor and outdoor home furnishings. Let us help bring your vision and personal style to life.

Open Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM

Shopping the Design Center

Bring your own designer or connect with a Design Center-affiliated professional

Explore 125 showrooms and more than 2,500 luxury product lines on four floors

Design your dream room, choose the perfect products, and watch it all come to life

Or call us at: 312.527.7054

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Explore the Magazine of Design Center and LuxeHome at theMART.  theMART continues to be the ultimate resource for the design community and their clients, and we hope that this magazine will inspire, delight, and inform in every issue.

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