Discover DEDON’s Spirit of Place

For more than 30 years DEDON has traveled the world, discovering people, places and stories that inspire us. We collect moments and memories under open skies. It is the energy that makes a place unique. The feeling of having arrived. The Spirit of Place.

The Spirit of Place offers access to the exclusive worlds of DEDON – Spiritual Mountain, Endless Ocean, and Mysterious Desert. A world of experiences, inspirations, and stories. A very personal dimension of outdoor luxury. The classic DEDON design is transformed, and traditional craftsmanship expresses its energy afresh as it interacts with creative freedom. This is how we cultivate the power of the new and the feeling of uniqueness. Individual luxury without limits. Available to view at DEDON.

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Mysterious DesertSpiritual MountainEndless Ocean

Design Center at theMART (Megan)Discover DEDON’s Spirit of Place