New Acquisitions at The Richard Norton Gallery

New Acquisitions

The Richard Norton Gallery has recently acquired an array of original artwork from local artists, affiliated with the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Chicago. The collection features pieces from 1931 – 1960, with oil and acrylic works, featured below.

They are located in Suite 612 of the Design Center at Merchandise Mart. The gallery may be contacted at [email protected] or by phone at (312) 644 – 8855 for more information. Additional artwork can be found HERE.

Sharing Art for Generations

Title - Richard Norton Gallery

Gerald HardyUntitled (Abstraction), Oil on Canvas on Masonite, ca. 1960

Growing up with a father and grandfather who were antique dealers, Richard Norton, Owner of the Richard Norton Gallery, with the help of Sue Klein, Gallery Director, is keeping the spirit of the family business alive by acquiring and selling original pieces from Great Lakes Region artists. The gallery, which first opened its doors in 1936 in Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart, contains many original elements, including centuries old flooring from France and a sign inside from the first shop. It holds original works as well, featuring paintings, sculptures, and sketches from the 1880-1980s, with a focus on art from the 20s – 40s.

Title - Richard Norton Gallery

Rudolph T. PenUntitled (Sailing Off Belmont Harbor, Chicago), Oil on Masonite, ca. 1950s

The gallery sets themselves apart by encouraging dialogue around the pieces, practicing thorough visual inspections, and offering free shipping. They keep an extensive collection of artwork organized in file folders in the back room, where designers may pick their piece and framework. The showroom houses art that fits within a variety of budgets and design styles, showcasing something for everyone. As Sue says, art is “jewelry for the walls,” and the Richard Norton Gallery works closely with the design industry to provide the perfect piece to accent any room.


  • Richard Norton Gallery

    HAROLD HAYDON, Untitled (Rooftop), Oil on canvas, 1931

  • Richard Norton Gallery

    HAROLD HAYDON,Untitled (Seated Man in Studio), Oil on canvas, 1933

  • Richard Norton Gallery

    KENN KWINT, The Wild Lands, Acrylic on canvas.

  • Richard Norton Gallery

    ELIZABETH EDDY, Untitled (Abstraction), Oil on canvas, ca. 1958

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