Table Talk: Explore Chaaban at Jean de Merry

Inspired by Art & Nature

Introduced to the world of design in 2016, Brian Chaaban, has spent the past few years curating a collection of premium bronzewares. Pulling inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding his hometown of Los Angeles, his self-titled collection “CHAABAN”, focuses on forms, shapes and details found in nature. Capturing and preserving this natural energy has been the ethos behind each piece in our bronze line, most of which begin from a hand carved block of wood. Upon perfecting the original model, the piece finds its next form when cast in solid bronze, using a nearly 6000-year-old method known as lost wax casting. Once cast, we hand patinate each piece until it is then ready to be released into the world for adornment.

Artistic inspiration for the collection is drawn from the styles of Paul Evans, Harry Balmer as well as modernism sculptures of the late Barbara Hepworth. The intention for each work in the collection is to be equally sculptural and functional. Available to view at Jean de Merry.

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Celeste Side Table

Garde Side Tables

Wilder Side Table

Design Center at theMART (Megan)Table Talk: Explore Chaaban at Jean de Merry